Wallover to Celebrate 150 Years

When P.M. Wallover founded Wallover Oil Company in 1863 in the middle of the Civil War, he could not have imagined that his company would still be around.

February 5, 2013
Manufacturing Group
Coolants/Fluids Hydraulics/Pneumatics Industry News

Today, Wallover Oil Co. is enjoying its best days ever. Targeting the right markets with the right products while putting the emphasis on customer service has paid big dividends for the company that has seen its ups and downs over the course of its long history.

A year ago, Wallover purchased Commonwealth Oil Company, located in Harrow, Ontario, to expand its presence into Canada and add some important niche markets. In the past year, the company has added to its sales team and expanded its warehouses to better serve customers throughout the country.

This year, the company will celebrate its anniversary with the recognition that not many companies achieve a 150th anniversary.

President Eric Kielts comments, "By the end of the year, everybody that Wallover does business with should be very aware that this is our 150th anniversary. We have created a logo specifically for this landmark year. We just rolled out a brand new website that we are very excited about and we have introduced a new blog that will be updated every week to trace the rich history of our company. We believe this will be an interesting read for our customers, friends and co-workers as they learn more about the interesting history of Wallover."

Throughout the year, the company will be announcing other events related to the celebration.

To learn more and to engage with the Wallover "history blog," log on to www.wallover.com.