Additional Checks Ordered on Dreamliner

U.S. federal regulators are ordering a comprehensive review of the critical systems of Boeing's 787s.

January 16, 2013
Manufacturing Group
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According to, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced that the FAA and Boeing are conducting the review. "This review will cover the critical systems of the aircraft, including design, manufacturing and assembly," LaHood said at a press briefing.

"Through it we will look for the root causes of recent events and do everything we can to make sure these do not happen again."

The 787, which Boeing calls the "Dreamliner," relies more than any other modern airliner on electrical signals rather than hydraulics to help power nearly everything the plane does. It's also the first Boeing plane to use rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which charge faster and can be molded to space-saving shapes compared to other airplane batteries. The plane is made with lightweight composite materials instead of aluminum.

A fire ignited Monday in the battery pack of an auxiliary power unit of a Japan Airlines 787 empty of passengers.

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