Boeing 787 Flight Test Postponed

Boeing 787 Flight Test Postponed

A planned Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight to test new power panel engineering was postponed on March 30, 2013.

April 3, 2013
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Dominic Gates - Seattle Times - The 787 test flight planned for March 30, 2013 was postponed. The reason is not known at this time.

Boeing declines as a matter of policy to discuss the timing of flight tests before they happen.

Boeing will fly the 787 Dreamliner Saturday to test engineering refinements of its electrical power panels, according to a source with knowledge of the details.

Boeing has been working on a solution to nagging power panel faults that are unrelated to the battery problems that have grounded the 787 since mid-January.

Power distribution panels on the Dreamliner malfunctioned repeatedly on passenger flights last year.

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